giovedì 3 luglio 2014

Exercises child for life outside of Italy
I am dismay! This morning I found my facebook page at thirty. What is the problem? ... Is that I'm 16 years old. I found my future life written and published on a miserable page facebook. I'll be rich, famous, I'll have 8 villas around the world, 2 private jets, 1 yachts and some 4 billion Euros, I'll be married with 4 dependent children. I'll divorce and then I'll stay just like a dog, I will become a famous geneticist, i'll win a Nobel Prize after a brilliant academic career and I will be remembered for centuries for having created the "new man." I'll be a manufacturer of GMO humans! Wow. I have to say that my future I like ... it's like to be God! And that is why I do not I will modify my behavior in any way to avoid changing my future. The thing to do is invent a potion to forget what I'm reading today on my facebook page future.
A few years later ...
I'm 30 years old and unfortunately it was not a good idea to create the potion "oblivion".
All this time I 've been caught in a time loop, because every time I drank the potion, I forgot everything. it recursively I went up on my facebook page of 30 years and then I created the potion to forget. So I have not become anything, just a loser with only the merit of having invented the "potion to forget."
P.S. I decided, at 30 years old, of to delete definitively my facebook page and look for "a warm place with no memory" in order to live in peace the rest of my life.